The top five reconstructive techniques were tumor removal , laceration repair , scar revision , hand surgery and breast decrease .. 10.2 million plastic surgery procedures performed in the U.S. In 2005 A lot more than 10.2 million cosmetic cosmetic surgery procedures had been performed in the usa in 2005, 11 % from 2004 up, according to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic-type material Surgeons . In addition, more than 5.4 million reconstructive cosmetic surgery techniques were performed this past year, reports the ASPS. ‘The statistics display that in a good economy, more People in america are willing to invest in anti-aging remedies such as for example cosmetic plastic surgery,’ stated ASPS President Bruce Cunningham, MD. ‘For most, cosmetic plastic surgery is the new undertake ‘growing previous gracefully.” Related StoriesSurgery simulator app: an interview with Jean NehmeSurgical cosmetic procedures increased 4 %, with more than 1.8 million procedures performed in 2005... A weight loss secret in one glass There were many types of weight loss secrets publicized. From fad diets to medical breakthroughs, most people can hardly go a complete day without looking at something on television promoting a fresh weight loss procedure. Most of these weight reduction procedures are touted as one simple technique or a crazy technique, & most of these are hawked by spokespeople that are eager to sell a book or get people to their seminars. There exists a very easy weight loss technique actually, but it isn’t a secret, it isn’t crazy and it won’t cost anyone a dime. The easy answer to effective weight loss is simply drinking water.The Secret to Excess weight LossA cold glass of water can certainly help in weight loss for many biological reasons, apart from water simply being extremely healthy for you.