AKI is certainly a serious condition where the kidney function is normally damaged by severe inflammation , contrast or surgery fluids. This kidney damage may then result in patients undergoing dialysis treatment for the others of their lives. There is no effective treatment for AKI and over 700 Currently. 000 AKI patients die each full year. The AKI marketplace represents a USD 2 billion opportunity. AP, an enzyme playing a defensive role in anti-inflammatory conditions, shows great potency in two AKI medical phase II studies as well as in one Ulcerative Colitis research with bovine-derived AP.At September 30, 2013, our cash and cash equivalents had been $3.1 million. Through the nine weeks ended September 30, 2013, our cash supplied by operating activities amounted to $1.1 million, when compared with $1.0 million used for operating actions for the same period in 2012. The improvement in cash provided by operating activities in 2013 is mainly a result of improved margins getting generated from our recurring provider revenue contracts. The money used for operating actions for 2012 was primarily because of the costs incurred to implement new recurring service income contracts.