Collagen is a proteins found within the body that gives skin it’s organic elastin. As women age group, the protein production slows down and causes epidermis to sag and wrinkle. Worse Even, this slow down can happen as young as 20. An easy way to prevent this is to eat regular servings of citric fruits. All citruses are high in vitamin C, which, furthermore to boosting your disease fighting capability, also boosts collagen production resulting in fewer wrinkles. While citric fruit protects your skin inside from lines and wrinkles, tomatoes do their job externally by protecting the skin from harmful sun rays.Such changes in lipid levels will be expected to decrease the relative risk of major vascular events by less than 10 percent, which is also compatible with the observed bring about that trial.e., diabetes-related, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, and skin-related disorders).8,19,20 For example, new diagnoses of diabetes were increased by 1 / 3, corresponding to 13 new cases per 1000 sufferers treated for approximately 4 years . In addition, among the participants with diabetes at baseline, serious complications associated with glucose control occurred in 37 patients per 1000, a discovering that counters earlier reassurances about the protection of niacin in persons with diabetes.2 in China, in comparison with 1.5 in European countries.