That clinic was the site of a 40 Times for Life prayer vigil earlier this spring.. 40 Days for Life prays before Planned Parenthood abortion center, director quits The director of the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Bryan/College Station, Texas has resigned her job. Abby Johnson experienced worked well at the clinic for eight years, but departed from the facility following a profound switch of heart about abortion. The Planned Parenthood clinic was the positioning of the first-ever 40 Days forever campaign in nov 2004, and the prayer and fasting initiative provides been held beyond your doors of Johnson’s former workplace five additional moments since 40 Days forever began its speedy spread to 282 towns across all 50 claims and several other countries.If another source is stated by a newspaper article, like an organization or website, go right to that source to get the information. Sites ending in .org are nonprofit companies usually. They could be good resources, but it’s always better to consult with your teacher to make sure he or she considers the site appropriate. Wikipedia is popular and ranks high in search results, but it can be edited by anyone, whether a person has accurate knowledge of this issue or not. For the most part schools, using Wikipedia as a source is not a sensible way to build credibility in your record.