In comparison to the traditional approach, PONT will undertake pre-clinical drug advancement with a rather than a sequential approach parallel. This will save years when it comes to the trials.. 2.5 million euros helps fight liver cancer The fight against liver cancer, one of the leading factors behind cancer death worldwide, has been helped by 2. PONT is normally a three-year specific targeted research project involving four biotechnology companies and two academic companions from the UK, Germany and Austria.The characteristics of superficial basal-cell carcinomas change from those of nodular basal-cell carcinomas at the molecular level,33 and superficial basal-cell carcinomas are more common in immunosuppressed transplant recipients proportionally,34 which implies that different biologic pathways underlie the pathogenesis of superficial basal-cell carcinomas and may enable them to become more readily prevented by nicotinamide. We found that nicotinamide had an excellent safety profile. Nicotinamide provides been used at pharmacologic doses over many years with minimal side effects35 and is used clinically to treat autoimmune blistering disorders such as bullous pemphigoid, usually at doses of 1 1.5 g daily.36 Unlike nicotinic acid , nicotinamide does not cause vasodilatory side effects such as flushing, itching, hypotension, and headaches.37 Our decision to employ a dose of 1000 mg daily was based on the outcomes of our phase 2 studies that showed a reduction in actinic keratosis counts at this dosage.19 Previous studies on immunosuppression induced by UV radiation recommended that there is no greater efficacy with 1500 mg than with 500 mg daily,18 however the minimum and maximum effective chemopreventive doses are as yet unknown.