59 percent of college students are at high levels of food insecurity , shows study One of the few studies of it is type has found that a startling 59 % of university students at one Oregon university were food insecure at some point during the previous calendar year, with possible implications for academic success, physical and emotional health insurance and other issues www.medicine-rx.com . Contrary to concerns about obesity plus some college students packing on the freshman 15 in excess weight gain, another reality is that many students aren’t getting enough healthy meals to consume as they struggle with high costs, limited income, and fewer meals or cultural support systems than are available to other groups.

If indeed they worry about the institution itself, have a tour or two prior to the first time of school to help them get oriented, and say hello with their new teacher if they visit the school. If they are worried about becoming separated from you, keep these things pick a special toy or stuffed animal that they can put in their backpack and take to college with them. Place a note in their lunchbox expressing how proud you are of them, and if they’re not reading yet, attract a center or something they like merely, such as a truck, Richel advised. Safety is another important factor. Parents should review and encourage bus protection for all those children who ride, and safe driving for all those adolescents who drive to high college and school, Richel said.