Serotonin is a brain neurotransmitter that’s, among other activities, critical to the advancement and treatment of unhappiness and chronic panic and also regulates impulse control and the ability to drift off and stay awake. Related StoriesWhy do we sleep? An interview with Professor WisdenGood rest patterns are good for your heartTreating insomnia through a CBT device? The researchers studied several brain functions of 42 people – a third of these females – who admitted to alcohol dependency, along with 28 control subjects. The ladies tested said they on average had been drinking the equivalent of about 12 wine bottles weekly for four years, as the men had been consuming the same amount, but also for 12 years. The results, which are planned to be published in January in the Journal of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Study, had come as a partial shock to the experts, she said.Through Friday Discounted prices for early registration to all or any Together Better Wellness VII are available, April 25.

Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma Prevention and Prognosis Regular eye examinations with an ophthalmologist might identify people who are at risk for acute angle-closure glaucoma. In some those who are at high risk, a laser iridotomy might be performed to prevent an attack of severe angle-closure glaucoma. If a patient has developed primary severe angle-closure in a single eye, the ophthalmologist may suggest laser beam iridotomy in the various other eye to prevent an attack. The prognosis for acute angle-closure glaucoma is usually favorable with early detection and treatment. Vision loss may appear without prompt treatment. If discomfort and/or decreased eyesight occur, the patient should look for professional treatment from an ophthalmologist promptly..