Agencies are judged based on criteria including growth, lifestyle, and quality of work. The judging process for organizations in contention for Company of the entire year awards also included the usage of anonymous client testimonials. Of 2e Innovative, one customer offered the next to MM&M: Working with 2e Creative is like hiring a department filled with senior-level strategists and creatives, the anonymous customer said. The company develops and retains talent [comparable] to the senior-level skill at any big NYC company, while approaching your business and group creatively [and] with a collaborative and realistic approach.It’s a thrilling future ahead.’ With promising indications that their vascular networks will be compatible with all types of cells and gels, the team believes their 3D printing technique is a scalable option for a wide selection of cell – and tissue-centered applications because all organ vasculature comes after very similar architectural patterns. ‘Cell biologists like the idea of 3D printing to make vascularized tissues in principle, but they would have to have an professional internal and highly specialized equipment to actually attempt it,’ Miller stated. ‘That’s no longer the case; we’ve produced these sugar-structured vascular templates stable enough to ship to labs around the world.’ Beyond integrating well with the world of tissue engineering, the researchers’ function epitomizes the philosophy that drives much of the open resource 3D printing community.