‘The check is normally positive in about two thirds of sufferers with IBS, and detrimental in vast majority of the healthy controls . These findings suggest that a patient with a positive check has a 73 % chance of having IBS,’ stated Dr. Liu. ‘The density of epithelial gaps was significantly higher in IBS sufferers and may have got potential as a diagnostic check, although the clinical need for the pLCE results warrants further.. Advances in endoscopic technology and techniques to be highlighted in ACG annual meeting From visualizing the gut lining in IBS to new ways to deal with achalasia, GI docs use new tools Advances in endoscopic systems and techniques will be highlighted in clinical analysis presented at the 77th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology in Las Vegas, NV.I am a big proponent of house treatment augmented by technology. These smart phones can send the info to home care agencies where nurses will be near computer screens. For example, imagine I was a patient with a tendency toward congestive heart failing. Every Tuesday and Thursday At this time the protocol is for me personally to go see a doctor. The smartphone and apps would allow me to avoid these trips to the physician unless something untoward occurs. Then your phone would transmission that I am having a issue and the doctor could intervene.