The intended usage of these devices is to identify inorganic or organic compounds in individual specimens for clinical use. AB SCIEX plans to keep to roll out regulatory-compliant systems around the world in the future. With these IVD devices, the company is delivering on its strategy to expand the usage of its technology in clinical diagnostics, which is regarded as a new frontier for mass spectrometry widely. AB SCIEX has a two-decade history of success in the clinical research market.10, 2015 – – Problems about hospital superbugs have spotlighted the necessity to prevent the pass on of germs in health-care settings. But a new survey reveals a disturbing lack of knowledge on something as simple as proper cleaning of a patient’s room. Very little research addresses the very best ways to disinfect and sanitize the hard surfaces in a hospital room, investigators report in the Aug. 11 issue of Annals of Internal Medication. We basically found that there are studies open to guide activities, but there are much fewer than you might expect for this important issue, said business lead author Dr.