Subgroups within one study are depicted separately with the next coding: a, feminine gender; b, male gender; c, short ischemic period; d, medium ischemic time; e, long ischemic period. The upper half a, consists of data for the result of NOX2 on infarct size ; the lower half b, on neurological score . Displayed are the standardized mean difference , 95 percent confidence intervals and relative fat of the individual studies. The gemstone shows the global SMD and its 95 percent confidence interval.Full size imageMost studies in NOX2 in stroke were insufficiently poweredWe then analyzed whether those studies that were contained in the systematic review were sufficiently powered to detect an effect size of 40 percent, which is known as a minimum to end up being subsequently translationally relevant .Who should attend? Pharmacovigilance online programs in India are conducted for professionals that are fresh in the medical and pharmaceutical domain and need understanding and becoming familiar with the crucial function of pharmacovigilance in the medication development course. It is expected that learners from different educational backgrounds including medical research, quality assurance, medical details, regulatory drug and affairs safety will benefit a good deal from going to such workshop. Eligibility criteria The eligibility requirements to apply for such clinical study courses in India are the following, * Post graduates/graduates in Lifestyle Sciences, Sciences, Bio Sciences with these subjects-Biotechnology, Genetics, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Zoology, Botany and Chemistry * B.Sc Nursing * M.Pharm * B.