This rate is in keeping with the predicted rate of the disorder among the overall population.. 5 % of college-age women experienced cosmetic surgery actually Many parents worry on the subject of the potential influence the media may have on the children’s self-esteem and body image. Stories about youthful women having excessive plastic surgery are more than enough to keep any mother or father up at night. However, according to a study released in the March problem of Plastic material and Reconstructive Surgery , the state medical journal of the American Society of Plastic material Surgeons , only 5 % of college-age women experienced cosmetic surgery actually.Patients receiving dialysis 3 x per week were selected for this study, than Sunday offered the last dialysis-related blood urea amounts were measured on any day other. In our study population, the day of the predialysis urea level was utilized to determine whether dialysis periods were on Monday, Wednesday, and Fri or on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Of 33,927 patients screened, 1862 Standard Analytical Files were used , linked simply by the USRDS identification number .