A March 13 poll by the Pew Analysis Center found that 83 % of the public supports criminal background checks for private and gun show product sales of firearms. Dr. Bronson also known as on Congress to ban assault-type weapons and high capability ammunition magazines, eliminate restrictions on analysis on the causes of firearms-related violence, and improve access to mental health services. .. ACP applauds U.S. Senate leader’s proposal to lessen firearms-related deaths, injuries ACP has proposed and advocated identical policies for last 15 years The American University of Physicians today told U.S.‘Although we are producing major improvements in the access to drugs, prevention should be addressed in an exceedingly forceful way clearly,’ he added. According to recent World Health Organization statistics, just 28 % of the world’s HIV/AIDS individuals are receiving anti-retroviral medicines. Dr. Brian Gazzard, chairman of the British HIV Association, stated that while great advancements have been produced in extending usage of anti-retrovirals, the condition is running rampant in parts of Asia and Africa still.