By early 2011, the progressive neurological disorder had affected his voice. Since recording and composing podcasts for the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., was the biggest part of his job, Schmalfeldt said he sensed he had no additional choice than to seek early retirement. I have trouble walking, I have trouble talking, but I can still write pretty well, Schmalfeldt said. If you cannot do what you did, you perform you skill.Sample sizes were approximated to meet generally recommended requirements for accuracy in a complex survey design.10 All calculations were weighted to represent the full total population of Chinese adults on the basis of Chinese population data from 2006 and the study sampling scheme, and were corrected for several features of the survey, including oversampling for female and urban residents, nonresponse, highly developed economic regions, and other geographic or demographic differences between the sample and the total population. Mean values for lifestyle and metabolic elements were determined according to sex and plasma glucose groups. Prevalence estimates for prediabetes and diabetes were calculated for the entire inhabitants and for subgroups according to age, sex, and additional variables.