He added This will allow us to finalize the registration of XP-828L/Dermylex in many countries where our status was pending upon acquiring the NPN and invite us to generate additional sales linked to this issuance in the forthcoming months. To your knowledge, XP-828L is the only natural health product that has been which can help psoriasis sufferers and that a NPN has been granted.in December 2007 Advitech first applied for a Product Licence Application for XP-828L. XP-828L can be marketed as Dermylex in Canada.. Advitech receives item licence for psoriasis treatment product Advitech Inc. announces today that the Organic Health Products Directorate has issued to Advitech, on March 8, 2010, an all natural Product Number for just one of its primary items, XP-828L/Dermylex. The issuance of a product licence for XP-828L/Dermylex implies that the product offers been assessed by Health Canada and has been found to be safe, effective and of top quality under its suggested conditions of use.ABC is contemplating re-hiring Stephanopoulos to are likely involved in a Sesame Street-inspired news display called ‘George and Snuffleupagus Invent the News,’ which features the much loved Snuffleupagus personality alongside Elmo getting injected with autism-inducing vaccines by the Doctor General. Look! Here are two mindless corporate puppets on the display at the same time! Al Sharpton keeping MSNBC in the lead for shedding viewersWho will win the competition to reach an target audience of ZERO first? It’s a dynamic race, but MSNBC provides Al Sharpton keeping them in the lead, while NBC Information is threatening to bring back Brian Williams in a groundbreaking show format called, ‘Information Whoppers,’ sponsored by Burger King.