Aethlon Medical reestablishes attempts to advance Aethlon Hemopurifier Aethlon Medical, Inc.S. Government applications that support the purchase and development of treatment countermeasures against bioterror threats. Therapeutics able to focus on multiple bioterror threats have become a center point of the U.S. As efficacy research against such pathogens can’t be conducted in human beings, the demonstration of treatment protection represents the principal treatment challenge in human beings. While efficacy studies against such threats is probably not permissible, Aethlon has demonstrated significant viral load reductions in HIV and HCV infected individuals.Stanley Nahman’s desire to mine the U.S. Renal Data System’s extensive data group of about 600,000 sufferers with an increase of than 13 million hospitalizations to find what puts dialysis individuals at risk for bacteremia. Chebrolu figured it had been a sensible way to marry her interest in data and infectious diseases. Years before, Nahman, an MCG nephrologist, had looked at a much smaller sample of 100 individuals and discovered that hemodialysis sufferers with bacteremia frequently also were contaminated with the blood-borne an infection, hepatitis C.