‘Likewise, in a country as grateful and wealthy as ours, no veteran should ever end up being condemned to homelessness. This budget reflects those commitments and we commend the elected president for it.’.. AFGE lauds proposed $57 billion funding for VA Today, the American Federation of Government Employees and its National VA Council applauded the White colored House’s proposed funding increases for the Department of Veterans Affairs . The White colored House’s proposed fiscal 12 months 2011 budget provides $57 billion in financing for the VA. For more than 2 decades, AFGE, which represents over 180,000 employees in the VA, provides joined veterans’ organizations in calling for complete funding of veterans’ services. The release of the year’s budget can be an especially momentous event for veterans and its own dedicated workforce.It has guarana extract also. Monster Energy Lo-Carb – that is a carbonated drink with an awesome tangy flavor. Some say it tastes like apple juice with a nice hint of ginger. A lot of people like this because it’s a lower life expectancy carbohydrate energy drink. It also has carnitine, ginseng, taurine and B vitamins. Original BAWLS Guarana – this product is made with a higher caffeine articles than your common cola but has less caffeine than regular energy beverages. This drink is popular among teens and adults, those that attend LAN parties especially. This drink is developed with the delicious taste of crme soda and the Guarana berry gives the caffeine articles.