Africare hosts panel discussion on issues of health care, women and economic development Honoring International Women’s Day, Africare together with Global Health & Diplomacy and the United Nations Foundation , hosted a panel press and discussion conference focused on issues of health care, women and financial development in Africa and the developing world. This event was planned to feature: Dr. Ida Odinga, the wife of Kenyan Primary Minister Raila Odinga, U.S. Congresswoman Karen Bass, a representative of the US Global Health Initiative, Ambassador Amina Salum Al of the African Union and United Nations Foundation’s CEO, Kathy Calvin. Today we bring together, leaders and practitioners in neuro-scientific economic development, to discuss the future of advancement in Africa, commented Joanne Manrique, Editor and Chief of Global Health & Diplomacy .For the past year, many experts have rather been saying — based on outcomes of the scholarly study of cholesterol drugs sold by Merck & Co. And Schering-Plough Corp. — that reducing cholesterol amounts isn’t enough to lessen those risks if there is no evidence the medicines control plaque buildup in arteries. Vytorin, a pricey combination pill, comes by a jv of Merck, located in Whitehouse Station, N.J., and Schering-Plough, based in Kenilworth, N.J. It includes medications that lower cholesterol in two different ways: Schering-Plough’s Zetia, which reduces the quantity of cholesterol absorbed from meals, and Merck’s former blockbuster Zocor, which lowers the quantity of cholesterol produced by the body predicated on one’s genes.