Future research might trigger a better understanding of what contributes to a more positive encounter for females.. After first intercourse men’s satisfaction with appearance increases, but for women it decreases Having sex meant for the first time can easily improve or degrade your self-image depending on whether you are female or male, according to Penn Condition researchers. Typically, college-age males become more satisfied with the look of them after first intercourse, whereas college-age females become slightly less satisfied. ‘We’re not talking about 12-year-old girls having sex, so it is striking that actually among these young women – – who are 17 or older if they first had sex – – their images of themselves went down,’ said Eva S.Former Problem Drinkers Find It Tricky to Navigate Social Settings: Study: – FRIDAY, Sept. 25, 2015 – – When former problem drinkers are socializing, they make use of a number of solutions to let others understand they don’t drink, a small new study finds. Researchers interviewed 11 former problem drinkers who was simply sober for between a single and 19 years. Many of the scholarly study participants said they tried to avoid the issue altogether. Methods included posing as a drinker by holding a cup but not drinking, or refusing gives to drink without telling why simply. If asked why these were not consuming, some cited health issues or said these were taking medications that couldn’t be used with alcohol.