September 3 The postmark deadline for entries is.. AHA calls for entries for 2010 2010 Howard L. Lewis Achievement Award The American Cardiovascular Association announces the call for entries for the 2010 Howard L. Lewis Accomplishment Award, the association’s highest honor for health insurance and science reporting. The award was founded in 2000, to identify and honor the career achievements of science, health insurance and medical journalists who have documented the considerable improvement made in the battle against cardiovascular disease and stroke. This career achievement award was made in memory of Howard L.In this, the right and still left vas deferens are cut or blocked. Since the sperm has to go through them, it is stopped by this method. It is made to make a man sterile. It is not recommended since it isn’t successful always. Spermicide: It is a chemical method that stops the sperm from moving towards the ovum. They can be purchased in different forms such as for example films, foams, and lotions. It is an effective technique, if used as directed. In a few situations, spermicides cause irritation. Nevertheless, it really is considered as a problem. Today, Nanoxynol-9 is usually a common spermicide in use. Intrauterine method: In this method, a T-shaped device is inserted into the uterus. This device prevents fertilization of ovum by stopping the sperm.