UNICEF Report Highlights Scenario For Kids In Haiti BECAUSE THE Earthquake Almost one year following the earthquake in Haiti, 380,000 children remain surviving in tent camps and continue to suffer from the consequences of the disaster, according to a written report from UNICEF, on Thursday released, My Sinchew reports. Chronic malnutrition affects one in three under five year-olds, despite emergency attempts to greatly help 102,000 infants and their moms with nutrition last year. Water and hygiene conditions were already battered and on the decline, with only about a fifth of people access basic sanitation facilities by 2006, 29 % less than in 1990, according to the agency, the news service writes. The survey also said that following the quake, two million Haitian kids were immunized against diseases such as for example diphtheria, measles and polio .The claims were allegedly fraudulent in that the equipment was not ordered by a physician and/or had by no means been sent to a Medicare individual. Because of the submission of the fraudulent claims, Medicare paid the DME businesses around $56 million. The indictment seeks forfeiture of the fraud proceeds and substitute assets also, including property of the Diazes. The Diazes were additionally billed with conspiracy to launder the proceeds of the alleged All-Med billing fraud scheme. Also billed in the All-Med billing fraud scheme was All-Med worker Suleidy Cano. Various other defendants charged are Amry Garcia, Davel Hernandez, and Rene Raimundo Hernandez. They are charged with conspiring to defraud Medicare in their operation of A-1 Long lasting Medical Supplies and Tools, Inc.