You feel so hopeless, therefore miserable and you discover yourself not really achieving anything by the end of your life’s journey. You just live a day at a time and hope that tomorrow wouldn’t come because, you dread to go through the whole cycle again just. It can also be the effect of a loss, chronic illness, relationship complications, work stress, family crises, financial worries, even unexpected change. So a lot of things in life can create the continuing state of gloom! The good news is it can be corrected and managed. It can be healed, which is different from treating it somewhat. Treating it likely involves the use of anti-depressant drugs. There is nothing wrong with that in severe situations, but there are steps you can take in your stead to naturally shift your brain chemistry. Fortunately for the procedure if melancholy there are many medicines that are available on the market.The research, that was the basis of Latzman’s senior honors thesis when he was an undergraduate student in the faculty of Individual Ecology at Cornell, is usually published in a recently available issue of the Journal of Community Psychology . It also was offered at the American Psychological Society’s annual meeting in May 2004. Exposure to community violence destroys the notion that homes, schools and communities are safe locations, and youths subjected to community violence possess higher prices of emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems. Witnessing community violence offers emerged as a risk factor for all sorts of problems, from despair and post-traumatic tension symptoms to suicidal behaviors, violence and aggression.