Allied Health care reports net income of $60,000 for quarter ending March 31, 2011 With tight budgets continuing to constrain its healthcare markets, Allied Healthcare Products reported a modest profit in the 3rd quarter of fiscal calendar year 2011 and additional improvement in its year-over-year performance . Net income for the quarter ending March 31, was about $60,000, or 1 cent per simple and diluted share, in comparison to $37,000, or zero cents per talk about, for the prior year’s quarter. For the initial three quarters of the fiscal calendar year, net gain was about $90,000, or 1 cent per basic and diluted share, versus a loss of $685,000, or negative 9 cents per talk about, for the previous year’s 1st three quarters.3 million, slightly below the $11.6 million of the prior year’s quarter.7 million, about $300,000 above the previous year’s level.

‘Our breakthrough is discovering that the PHF11 gene encodes a proteins whose function can be to turn on other T-cell genes and, moreover, that its effect is even more pronounced in Th1 than Th2 cells. ‘In a nice tie-in with this earlier genetic studies, we’ve also discovered that genetic variants in the PHF11 gene that are connected with childhood eczema lead to lower levels of PHF11 gene activity. This may lead to issues with Th1 T-cells. ‘Although there is a lot work before us, our results suggest that problems with the Th1 subset could donate to the Th1/Th2 T-cell balance. This notion has been around for some time now, but it is quite satisfying to discover new evidence for it using our genetic and practical approach,’ states Dr Jones ‘Most people with asthma or eczema are atopic – signifying they possess a genetic inclination for the disorders,’ says Professor Tony Cunningham, Westmead Millennium Institute Director.