‘We are excited about our partnership with Central Kentucky Radiology,’ said Stephen Kahane, M.D., president, ceo, and chairman of AMICAS. ‘Radiology practices are facing unprecedented pressure on their operations due to competitive dynamics and reimbursement adjustments. Central Kentucky Radiology understands the worthiness of partnering with a solutions supplier like AMICAS to make sure that they work their practice at optimum possible efficiency and efficiency.’ SOURCE AMICAS, Inc.. AMICAS announces new contract with Central Kentucky Radiology AMICAS, Inc. , a leader in information and image management solutions, today announced a new agreement with Central Kentucky Radiology . This agreement will allow Central Kentucky Radiology to use AMICAS Financials to streamline their radiology billing and AMICAS RIS to gain practice management efficiencies and to further improve service delivery effectiveness.Gle Jong is being rebuilt by a combined mix of returnees and brand-new residents. Hajamuddin and his fresh wife have a lately built home, problem from the coastline, and count themselves among the 130 citizens of the village. Wetlands International and the Green Coast Task were among the foreign aid companies that participated in the enormous international rehabilitation plan for victims of the tsunami. These two agencies specialize in restoring coastal ecosystems. GCP started 16 coastal rehabilitation tasks in Aceh in July 2005, including Gle Jong Village, by giving financial and technical assistance.