Based on the FRAXA Research Base, fragile X syndrome may be the most common inherited reason behind autism and intellectual disabilities. AMO-01 can be an inhibitor of the ras-extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathway . In pre-clinical efficacy studies, AMO-01 rescued the neuronal phenotype of the Fmr1 knockout transgenic mouse style of fragile X syndrome, further helping the hypothesis that inhibition of the Ras-ERK cascade might have therapeutic benefit in this disease. Lisa Wittmer, chief operating officer and mind of portfolio advancement at AMO Pharma, elaborated, ‘Drug developers must be able to identify, de-risk and advance promising therapies that address significant unmet needs rapidly. The team and business model produced by AMO Pharma possess the clear potential to provide important fresh therapies to treat diseases in underserved individual populations in the years forward.He said the analysis is being done in such a way so that small amounts of alcoholic beverages are injected directly into the cerebrospinal liquid of the rats. We give an animal with low estrogen amounts alcohol and then we discover what its stress response is by measuring hormones in the blood or by measuring activation of certain specific areas in the brain, Selvage said. After that we look at a similar pet with high estrogen levels, provide them with alcohol and see what kind of response we obtain. We really look throughout the mind to see what mind pathways get excited about receiving this noxious alcoholic beverages. The complete idea is to come up with ways to try and block that stress response aswell as you can.