Acousticon receives FDA clearance for ACAM-5 hearing loss product TCG today announced that Acousticon Inc., among its portfolio companies, received FDA clearance because of its ACAM-5 product recently, allowing the ongoing organization to begin with US commercialization activities designed for the first time. The ACAM-5 is certainly a German engineered product that helps hearing professionals understand the scope and depth of a patient’s hearing loss to be able to optimize the efficiency of hearing aids. Robert Keefer, PhD, can be President of Acousticon, Inc. And a Partner at TCG also, a global business development, strategy and implementation firm, that has launched five European medical businesses in the US in the last five years. Related StoriesStudy identifies proteins that may help in dealing with deafnessLatest ENT analysis to be presented at AAO-HNSF's annual meetingChemotherapy treatment can donate to long-term neurocognitive deficits in pediatric brain tumor survivors European Medtech companies continue to possess an excellent opportunity to increase their sales by expanding in to the US marketplace, said Dr.About 80 % had been heart attacks, as the others included strokes, peripheral artery disease and kidney failure. Compared to those who didn’t drink espresso, the risk of these events was four times higher among the heavy coffee drinkers and 3 x higher in moderate espresso drinkers. Moderate espresso drinking was thought as one to three cups of the caffeinated beverage each day, while heavy consumption was thought as four or even more cups daily. Drinking coffee also increased the risk of prediabetes – – a precursor to type 2 diabetes – – in some of the participants.