Light Therapy – FDA has approved blue-light therapy for dealing with acne. Blue-light therapy is widely advertised and is the best-known of the light therapy for acne probably. It works by eliminating the acne-causing bacteria, and can be used to treat inflammatory acne that won’t respond to other acne therapies. The blue-light items of today usually do not consist of ultraviolet light. UV light may damage skin and is no longer used. Blue-light therapy is prescribed in 8 sessions and given over a four-week period usually. Each session can last about quarter-hour. Side effects could be mild and include short-term pigment changes, swelling of treated areas, and dryness.And even if you’re not, what’s wrong with treating you to ultimately a Bollywood makeover suit for the stars. Give yourself the red carpet treatment right before going out to a special hen party. Make an event of it. Get Bollywood sumptuous and glamorous. It’ll cause you to feel the part. After all, you don’t do it each day. Exactly like likely to the spa, getting the girls collectively and having a Bollywood Make-up party is perfect. Adorn and Decorate Bollywood Style When perform you get a chance to really dress up? With regards to the particular hen party out with friends, there is nothing quite like obtaining dressed up for the part particularly if you are going to a glamorous event just like a ball.