Plans had been also finalized to move its Americas offices to a larger space near its current location in Princeton, NJ, tripling its convenience of growth in safety and medical information. Completely, more than 60 staff members were added in the UK, the US and Asia during fiscal season 2013. Niaspan and simvastatin are two widely prescribed medicines for treating cholesterol. Niaspan is used to improve HDL good cholesterol levels, and simvastatin is effective in reducing LDL bad cholesterol levels. This combination has been submitted for FDA acceptance to handle LDL, HDL and triglycerides within a pill, which may result in improved patient comfort and outcomes.Contraceptive sponges are another. They’re filled with spermicide and inserted into the vagina. Sterilization A irreversible set of surgical procedures mostly, sterilization prevents ladies from ovulating and guys from releasing sperm. It’s the only foolproof method of preventing pregnancy but will not prevent STDs and HIV/AIDS. The procedure for guys, called a vasectomy, helps prevent sperm from being released by trimming, closing or blocking the vas deferens, a duct that allows sperm to move from the testes into the urethra.