ARA 290 drug reduces neuropathic pain in type 2 diabetics Molecular Medicine, a peer-reviewed biomedical journal posted by the Feinstein Institute Press, published the results of a fresh study reporting significant pain reduction in type 2 diabetic patients clinically. In an exploratory research carried out by Araim Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company developing novel treatments for chronic diseases, investigators also noticed improvements in metabolic control in sufferers administered ARA 290. ARA 290 is normally a peptide constructed to activate the innate restoration receptor, a receptor discovered by Araim scientists, which is expressed following tissue stress or damage .

Depression or Panic can have adverse effects on the endocrine and immune functions, that may affect healing, disease resistance and convalescence time. When psychological distress is in conjunction with chronic or acute pain, a vicious routine can develop where in fact the pain causes even more distress, which hampers treatment of the pain. It is essential that you be aware of your emotions and overall mental health, and seek professional help, if necessary. The mental health aspect of pain treatment is frequently underappreciated but can be well backed by medical data. In a recently available paper, ‘Predictors of Postoperative Discomfort and Analgesic Consumption,’ released in the September 2009 edition of Anesthesiology, the official journal of the ASA, the authors reviewed 48 studies examining 23,037 patients.