The discovery of cancer stem cells and the markers that distinguish this human population of tumor cells from others represent an integral advancement in the knowledge of malignancy. Such insights may be used to develop medications, such as ARH460-16-2, to avoid the spread of cancers and lengthen survival in cancers patients. Recently ARIUS has also announced the initiation of a toxicology plan in preparation for individual clinical trials. ARIUS is having an extremely successful calendar year, said Dr. David Young, President and CEO. We have hit numerous critical technical milestones and the ongoing success of our patent technique reflects the worthiness we are building in the company.Methods NLST Population The NLST was a joint effort of the American College of Radiology Imaging Network and the Lung Screening Research . From 2002 through April 2004 August, a total of 53,452 people were enrolled and randomly designated to undergo three annual screenings with either low-dose CT or upper body radiography. 2 Participants were followed through December 31, 2009. Major eligibility criteria included an age group between 55 and 74 years and a smoking cigarettes background of at least 30 pack-years.