‘This effort can be led by Chris Diehnelt, Ph.D., of Biodesign’s Center for Improvements in Medicine. The goal is an extremely rapid program to sample the food supply and to be able to detect and remove contaminated items before they are consumed.’ In today’s project, the group will focus on norovirus contamination in three major foods: shellfish, produce and ready-to-eat food. The united group will evaluate a new technology, binding reagents known as synbodies, which may be used to produce a rapid, low-price diagnostic test for identifying noroviruses.And Canadian generics business shall continue to operate beneath the Actavis name, capitalizing on its exceptional brand collateral among customers. Allergan in addition has today adopted a unique redesign of the business identity and logo. The brand new icon in the logo speaks to the strength of the Company's unique capabilities, the energy and passion of its people and its forward momentum. The circular forms personify movement; purposeful paths of growth and change; growing spheres of impact and ideas; and accomplishment across brands and generics. The result is a new, momentum-building and accessible visualization that celebrates Allergan's emergence while a rise Pharma leader. Jointly, all united, all shifting, leading to an evolving, growing Firm focused on a singular purpose – to power bold concepts in healthcare for folks around the world..