Since 2010, the amount of C-sections has leveled off, he said. ‘In 2014, it was 0.5 % lower than in 2013, dropping from 32.7 % to 32.2 %. It is the biggest drop we’ve observed in twenty years – – that’s 20,000 fewer C-sections.’ Among women who’ve never had a cesarean delivery, the price of C-sections must not be above 15 %, Caughey said. ‘In most hospitals, it’s above 20 %,’ he said. ‘A woman should use her doctor and midwife and take into account the procedure and what’s best for her,’ Caughey said. ‘We believe that it’s generally safe to get a vaginal delivery.’..Discomfort and joint swelling resulted in an assessment for bone lesions. One affected individual had intensive epiphyseal ballooning of the long bones . Characteristic radiographic findings had been balloonlike widening of the anterior rib ends , periosteal elevation along multiple long bones , and multifocal osteolytic lesions . Less common were heterotopic ossification of the proximal femurs , widening of the clavicles , metaphyseal erosions of the longer bones , and multiple osteolytic skull lesions . Three patients experienced cervical vertebral fusion secondary to collapsing vertebral osteolytic lesions . Bone-biopsy specimens had been sterile; histologic analysis uncovered purulent osteomyelitis, fibrosis, and sclerosis .