Craig S. Anderson, M.D sildenafil citrate 50mg ., Ph.D., Emma Heeley, Ph.D., Yining Huang, M.D., Jiguang Wang, M.D., Christian Stapf, M.D., Candice Delcourt, M.D., Richard Lindley, M.D., Thompson Robinson, M.D., Pablo Lavados, M.D., M.P.H., Bruce Neal, M.D., Ph.D., Jun Hata, M.D., Ph.D., Hisatomi Arima, M.D., Ph.D., Mark Parsons, M.D., Ph.D., Yuechun Li, M.D., Jinchao Wang, M.D., Stephane Heritier, Ph.D., Qiang Li, B.Sc., Mark Woodward, Ph.D., R. John Simes, M.D., Ph.D., Stephen M. Davis, M.D., and John Chalmers, M.D., Ph.D. For the INTERACT2 Investigators: Rapid Blood-Pressure Lowering in Individuals with Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage Acute intracerebral hemorrhage, which may be the least treatable type of stroke, affects more than 1 million people worldwide annually,1,2 with the results determined by the quantity and growth of the underlying hematoma.

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