Completely false labeling – and it’s really legal! In yet another wave of ‘truth in advertising’ lawsuits, embattled Tropicana is now fending off approximately 20 lawsuits simultaneously because of blatant truth-slanting labeling that misleads consumers to believe that they are buying clean, unadulterated, good-for-you OJ. The FDA oversees packaged food labeling and has no definition of what is ‘natural article .’ Provided that a food labeled ‘organic’ doesn’t contain added color, artificial flavor or artificial substances, the FDA doesn’t care. However the consumers do! Tropicana markets its orange juice as ‘refreshing from the grove’ and calls its product ‘great-tasting 100 % orange juice,’ all the while claiming that it has complied with labeling laws and regulations fully.

In the last decade the amount of people with kidney failure doubled and the quantity starting dialysis or having a first kidney transplant improved by 50 %, so that more than 400,000 Americans are now being treated for kidney failing at a price of $25 billion annually. In contrast to these dramatic raises, the scholarly study discovered that the number of people who have earlier stages of kidney disease remained stable, with 7.4 million people having less than half the kidney function of a wholesome young adult and another 11.3 million having protein in their urine consistently. Most critical are control of hypertension and diabetes. Dr. Coresh and his colleagues estimated awareness of chronic kidney disease among 4,101 people in the usa from 1999 to 2000 and compared disease prevalence in those years with that from 1988 to 1994, when 15,488 individuals were surveyed.