Infants from referring hospitals were assessed by trained retrieval teams who performed amplitude-integrated electroencephalography, sought consent if the newborn was eligible, performed randomization, and for infants assigned to the cooled group, began cooling by discontinuing warming and applying cooled gel packs, if necessary, until the infant was admitted to a participating middle. To reduce potential confounding from differential usage of cointerventions, uniform assistance was provided about ventilatory and circulatory treatment, management of seizures, sedation, and liquid requirements.The mean age group of cohort members at baseline was 11.1 years . The mean amount of follow-up for the cohort was 2.1 years for a total follow-up of 2,579,104 person-years. The features of current users and nonusers at baseline are demonstrated in Table 2Table 2Characteristics of Cohort Members, According to the Use of ADHD Medicines at Baseline. Generally, current users had more proof health care usage of all types. In addition, they had better prevalence of psychiatric ailments and greater usage of psychotropic medications.