Scientific and epidemiological studies have shown that breathing ozone could cause adverse health effects at concentrations less than the 75 parts per billion 8-hour average regular, the groups wrote. Exposure can result in cardiovascular and respiratory health effects, increase mortality and adversely affect sensitive groups, including those with asthma, seniors and outdoor workers. Children are particularly vulnerable. The groups said, Given the fat of evidence, we urge you to create the eight-hour ozone regular at 60 parts per billion to protect against known and anticipated adverse health effects also to give a margin of security as required by the CLIMATE Act.Visit: and enter your email for FREE show details + a FREE gift!

A gene that protects against colorectal cancers The study team at Lyon has developed an animal model carrying a mutation of the DCC gene. Mice having the mutation develop tumours, because this gene can no induce the death of the cancers cells longer. This discovery may lead to the development of a new targeted malignancy treatment that aims to reactivate the dying of tumor cells.