The experts examined these groups to determine if those who developed Parkinson’s disease had even more inflammatory diseases. They discovered that those with allergic rhinitis were 2.9 times much more likely to develop Parkinson’s. They did not find a related association between inflammatory illnesses such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, pernicious anemia or vitiligo and Parkinson’s disease. The experts hypothesize that they may not have found significant links between these diseases and Parkinson’s disease due to the relatively few those in the populace who’ve these diseases, and therefore the small number with these illnesses within their population sample study.The high degrees of activating HLA-C2 ligands for KIR2DS1 in donors with HLA-C2/C2 tolerize an normally potent antileukemic NK inhabitants, leading to similarly high relapse rates among recipients of allografts from KIR2DS1-positive and KIR2DS1-harmful donors with HLA-C2/C2 . Recipients of allografts from KIR2DS1-positive donors with HLA-C1/C1 or C1/C2 had decrease mortality than recipients of allografts from KIR2DS1-negative donors , whereas recipients of allografts from KIR2DS1-positive donors with HLA-C2/C2 and recipients of allografts from KIR2DS1-bad donors had similar mortality .