There are other associated side effects which include hair thinning, nausea and diarrhoea. However, these depend upon the type of chemotherapy medication being used. 3) RADIOTHERAPY: – This involves using high energy radiation beams to destroy the cancerous cells. Radiotherapy is certainly often used to alleviate any unwanted symptoms but will often prove an effective treatment for mesothelioma. It can also be used to shrink the tumour before procedure also to reduce the risk of the tumor returning after surgery. Radiotherapy treatment has includes some unwanted side effects also. These include nausea, tiredness and vomiting. However, these side effects and their intensity varies depending upon the strength of the radiation used and the distance of the radiotherapy treatment. Mesothelioma is very rare but like any additional cancer it could prove fatal if ignored.Only use clean towels and pillow addresses, because if they’re dirty or unclean they can shelter bacteria there. Besides, do not forget or feel exhausted to wash your make up prior to going to sleep. Above all, lead a wholesome and stress less life; because it is most important to keep you clear of all those skin hazards.. All eukaryotic kinases talk about 1 common set of substrates Kinase mediated phosphorylation is normally recognised as the main regulator of virtually all metabolic actions in eukaryotic cells including proliferation, gene expression, motility, vesicular transportation and programmed cell loss of life.