The symptoms of this type of cancer are often difficult to recognize but fortunately there are a variety of tests your doctor can perform. In this post I am discussing three of the tests. 1) PHYSICAL INSPECTION: – Normally, this is the first breast cancers test thoroughly your doctor will perform. Although most lumps can be found during self examination there are certain abnormalities you will possibly not notice. A tuned doctor who has experience examining breasts for signals of cancer is a lot more likely to spot any of these abnormalities that you will find missed.Of the 27 subjects who were tested, 26 had immunologic abnormalities in addition to cold urticaria . We detected antibody insufficiency in 75 percent of topics who were examined, with 56 percent reporting a brief history of recurrent infection; 3 subjects had received treatment with intravenous immune globulin for severe recurrent hypogammaglobulinemia and infection. Autoantibodies or autoimmune disease was present in 56 percent of subjects. Granulomatous disease was seen in 7 subjects from 2 unrelated households; 3 of these subjects had been born with cutaneous lesions on the fingertips, nasal area, and ears that disappeared during infancy.