Thus giving them a motivation to broaden the range of services they offer to their community. For example, pharmacists could be paid for expanding their services to add checking people’s blood pressure, monitoring blood sugar levels, offering smoking cigarettes cessation services and marketing healthy lifestyles. This new contract represents the beginning of a fresh era for pharmacy locally, in which everyone shall benefit. I would like to see them even more integrated with the NHS family members. You will have provision designed for pharmacists to offer a much wider selection of services to the general public. For example, supporting self-treatment and the management of common ailments, marketing healthy lifestyles and helping sufferers to get the greatest from their medications.Despite even more sophistication for peddling drugs and stomping on non-pharmaceutical solutions or anything critical of pharmaceutical interventions, what’s heading on now is basically not so different than how medical journals, the American Medical Association and Big Pharma have already been colluding for decades. There’s just even more of it. Bring on the gobbledygook text message generatorsIn 2005, three MIT grad students decided to test their perception of journal and scientific publishing integrity by creating a computer software named SCIgen that could develop a wordy, convoluted paper to be accepted. They had pointed out that paper-publishing pressure was obvious at scientific conferences, and also from within a university’s need for notoriety and research funding, and the necessity for professors and experts to create or perish.