Dr. Jeong-Chan Ra, president of RNL Stem Cell Technology Institute, observed that patients’ own adipose derived stem cells are expected to play a crucial function in therapy for ED soon, and to exceed the limitations of current therapy, including its unwanted effects. .. Adult stem cell technology keeps expect erectile dysfunction treatment After more than a decade of short-term cures to erection dysfunction, most aimed at symptoms rather than the underlying issues of nerve damage, a fresh approach has emerged from adult stem cell technology produced by RNL Bio.In addition, medical records may also be easily uploaded, faxed or dictated in MMR’s MyMedicalRecords Pro and MyMedicalRecords PHR products. Experts and patients can simply view or printing selected uploaded health information in the event of a crisis through MMR’s proprietary Crisis View. Kodak works together with ISVs serving many industries. Healthcare focused ISVs such as for example MMR advance how doctors can integrate paper-based medical health details within digital systems and easier provide information to healthcare customers via solutions such as for example MyMedicalRecords PHR, stated Don McMahan, Regional Business Manager and Vice President Sales, US&C, Document Imaging, Business Solutions and Services, Eastman Kodak Organization.