Most Contact Lens Wearers Take Chances With Their Eye: CDC: – THURSDAY, Aug . 20, 2015 – – Most contact lens wearers close their eyes to safety suggestions, a fresh U.S. Government study finds. Nearly all of the 41 million Americans who use contacts admit they take part in at least one type of risky behavior that may result in eye infections, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention experts reported Thursday. And nearly one-third of contact lens wearers have sought medical care for potentially preventable problems such as for example painful or red eye, they said. Good vision plays a part in overall well-getting and independence for folks of all age range, so it’s important never to trim corners on healthy contact lens wear and treatment, Dr.

Research presented at medical meetings is normally considered preliminary until published in a journal that’s peer-reviewed.. City Grime Releases Pollutant When Subjected to Sunlight: Study: – MONDAY, Aug. 17, 2015 – – Sunlight causes grime on city buildings, statues and additional outdoor surfaces to release chemicals that induce smog, regarding to a fresh study. City grime is a mixture of thousands of chemical substances – – including nitrogen oxides – – emitted into the air by automobiles, factories and other resources. It had been thought that nitrogen oxides become inactive if they are trapped in grime on city surfaces. Field research conducted in Leipzig and Toronto, Germany, revealed that sunlight releases nitrogen oxides from grime.