By permitting experts usage of assets that sector provides amassed, these collaborations possess spurred the advancement of new medicines for malaria, tuberculosis, and different parasite-borne illnesses. The symposium, Rummaging Through Pharma’s Attic: Taking Advantage of Industry’s Unused Assets to Generate New Products for Infectious Diseases of the Developing World, presented presentations on the following topics: Finding a Diamond in the Rough: Screening Industry’s Libraries Against Tropical Parasites – – James H. McKerrow, University of California, San FranciscoRaiding the FROST NOVA: The Fexinidazole Tale – Robert Don, Medications for Neglected Diseases Initiative , Geneva, Switzerland Will They Respect You each morning: Forging Partnerships with Biotech and Big Pharma – – Jorg J.The addition of ST2 to the scientific risk factors by using the net reclassification index significantly reclassified 78 percent of patients receiving chemotherapy-centered myeloablative conditioning and 58 percent of sufferers receiving myeloablative conditioning with total-body irradiation ; in addition, it reclassified 71 percent of sufferers receiving reduced-strength conditioning . High ST2 values were not associated with an increased risk of loss of life with relapse within 12 months after transplantation; because high ST2 values were associated with an increased risk of loss of life without relapse, overall survival at 1 year was decreased .