While new peppermint is the number one choice with regards to treating constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas and indigestion, its tea type is highly useful as well. Thyme This herb offers natural calming properties that make it the perfect additive to foods when an upset tummy strikes. Because it also offers antiviral compounds, adding thyme to foods might help a tummy weather a virus. Thyme can be great at fighting yeast overgrowth as well as the bad bacteria that may make the stomach uncomfortable. Before reaching for those over-the-counter medicines or the prescription medication that has awful side effects, try adding among the above herbal remedies to foods to assist in a healthful digestive system..If you find yourself in any of the causes then be sure you take particular care of it to avoid snoring hassle. Below provided are few suggestions and ideas to avoid snoring. Continue the reading to know you skill to cope with it. * Change Lifestyle: Simple lifestyle changes might help you in order to avoid snoring issue. According to doctors, daily exercise and changing sleeping position should be your priorities. If you are alcoholic, additionally it is recommended that you better stop it to gain better health and to reduce snoring problem. Well, they are the certain lifestyle changes you should choose to find your answer. * Change Nutrition: Sometimes the reason for the snoring issue is your bad diet plan. If you take heavy foods before bedtime, it can cause you to gain excess fat and which then cause you to to face problems like snoring.