People succeed on a regular basis.’ Support for New Yr's resolutions With the new year approaching, is a period many smokers start thinking about quitting now. Seventy per cent of smokers want to quit, Els says, and one useful device is support from family, friends and health professionals. ‘Bottom line is, inform them, 'I'm concerned about your health, this is the best thing that can be done for your wellbeing, now let's make it happen,'’ Els says. ‘That really is the best way to engage people, as opposed to simply negative consequences of smoking. Most people are alert to those.’.. Addiction professionals co-edit new textbook to greatly help Canadians stop smoking Researchers from the University of Alberta are helping Canadian smokers butt out with a fresh textbook made to give health specialists the right tools to take care of tobacco addiction.As the %age of women who give birth with the aid of a skilled attendant, thought as an educated midwife, or similarly trained person, with access to the required equipment, resources and services, has increased to more than 60 %, that leaves some 40 % of ladies, mostly in Africa and Asia, giving birth without usage of skilled obstetric care – 60 million births each full year. And although an estimated 70 % of women obtain at least one antenatal caution visit, even in the poorest countries, the standard of care may not be sufficient.