‘This software boosts our ability to do that.’.. 3-D style of animal brain provides more full picture of brain’s connectivity The animal brain is so complex, it would take a supercomputer and vast levels of data to make a detailed 3-D style of the vast amounts of neurons that power it. But computer researchers and a professor of ophthalmology at the University of Utah are suffering from software program that maps out a monkey's mind and more creates a 3-D model, providing a more complete picture of the way the mind is wired. Their procedure was announced this week at Neuroscience 2015, the annual Culture for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago.His ocular history was significant only for myopia clinically. He was referred to the Emory Eye Middle for further evaluation. Intraocular pressure, pupils, ocular motility, and confrontational visible fields were regular. The study of the anterior attention by means of slit lamp was normal. The examination of the dilated posterior eyes revealed previously undocumented multiple, peripheral chorioretinal scars with hypopigmented halos in both eye and a little intraretinal hemorrhage adjacent to one scar in the remaining eye .