The survey documented a huge and growing unmet demand for afterschool also, with the parents of 19.4 million kids reporting that they would enroll their child in a scheduled system, if one were available.. Afterschool programs assist in improving kids’ health and physical fitness Afterschool applications are emerging as a highly effective tool in the nation's ongoing battle against childhood weight problems, according to a national household survey conducted by Shugoll Research for the Afterschool Alliance. The special survey released today, Kids on the Move: Afterschool Applications Promoting Healthy Eating and EXERCISE, reveals parents' sights about the part afterschool programs play in improving kids' health and physical fitness.The entire process is monitored by CCTV camcorder, to ensure the well is completely cleaned.’ Collaboration the key to success The complementary features and sources of WELL REGENERATION’s companions, along with their superb teamwork, were key elements in the project’s effective final result. ‘EUREKA’s assistance was invaluable in assisting to build the network and maintain collaboration and momentum among the partners, and the organisation helped us to protected funding at a national level also,’ adds Vassmer. Each partner brought their individual know-how to bear on locating solutions to the project’s many complex challenges. BPS-Celle was in charge of developing the mechanical washing program, while the Moscow-based Centre of Applied Acoustics focused on the high performance ultrasonic cleaning tool.