Eat foods which have been cooked, and avoid raw vegetables and fruit. Finally, be sure to upgrade all immunizations that are recommended or required for your travel destination. See for more information. 7.Practice safe sex. Sexually-transmitted diseases are the many easily preventable infectious disease probably. By being smart about secure sex , transfer of infectious bacteria or viruses in one person to another can be prevented. 8.Don't pick your nasal area . It’s not only a social taboo, nonetheless it leads to the spread of several infections also. Shop around, and you'll notice just how many folks have their hands following to their faces. Many microbes choose the warm, moist environment inside your nose, along with other mucous-covered surfaces such as for example your mouth and eyes.The DJSI annual review considers sustainability leaders from each industry on a global and regional level, and involves comprehensive analyses of corporate governance, risk management, branding, climate change mitigation, source chain standards, labor procedures and related citizenship issues. About Abbott’s Method of Citizenship Global citizenship is an integral part of Abbott’s mission to improve people’s lives, focused on four key areas: innovating for future years, enhancing access to healthcare, protecting patients and consumers, and safeguarding the environment. Employed in partnership with others, Abbott leverages its primary business expertise and resources to make sustainable solutions in countries around the world. In addition to being contained in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, Abbott ranked sixth general on the global ‘100 Best Corporate Citizens List 2010’ compiled by Corporate Responsibility magazine.