As a result, MRI is now able to capture movement with much better fidelity, allowing doctors to create video clips of organs relocating real-time. The researchers write that this technology is hoped by them can improve medical knowledge about illnesses of the joints and center. It might also make the MRI procedure more comfortable for future patients, who won’t need to worry so much about seated perfectly still. After the jump, we’ve got two video clips demonstrating the brand new MRI technique: Real-time MRI captures motions of tissue and muscle tissue during speech creation: And allows an up close view of the individual heart: ..For 1 week approximately, we used an i-STAT System point-of-care device with CHEM8+ and CG4+ cartridges to execute limited diagnostic testing in 3 sufferers with medical symptoms in the treatment center. In 1 individual, we found serious prerenal kidney dysfunction and accompanying metabolic acidosis , results that improved after the administration of approximately 5 liters of intravenous crystalloid fluids per day for 3 days . Similar results were noted in a second patient , findings that were probably caused by profound diarrhea , which also resolved following the administration of around 4 liters of intravenous crystalloid fluids per day for 3 days along with potassium.