Accenture acquires Octagon Study Solutions Accenture has completed its acquisition of Octagon Study Solutions, Inc., a service provider of scientific and regulatory information management software and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry based in Wayne, Pa. The acquisition was announced on Aug. 2. The acquisition enhances Accenture’s existing clinical services capabilities – including medical data management, clinical programming and safety case processing, amongst others – and adds regulatory submission services, therefore extending Accenture’s business procedure outsourcing capabilities for the pharmaceutical sector.The primary goals after the give to the HIV AIDS Alliance were to guarantee the epidemic not really spreading further and the ones who need treatment getting treatment. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of the Ukraine, which chairs the united states Coordinating Mechanism and through the Ministry of Wellness offers pledged its support and assistance to this process and to the Alliance and IDA ARV B.V. The Global Fund has authorized three grants worth a complete of $25 million over 2 yrs to Ukraine. The first 2000 individuals will soon take advantage of the joint attempts of IDA ARV B.V. And the HIV Helps Alliance. Global Fund The Global Fund is certainly a unique global public-private partnership focused on attracting and disbursing extra resources to prevent and treat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.